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Jennifer Earle


Jennifer Earle is a regular on national and international television and radio

Jennifer Earle has been interviewed or featured in the following television programmes:

Channel 5: "Inside Cadbury" (June 2018)

Channel 4 "Super Shoppers" (June 2017)

Channel 4 "Eat the Week" (June 2017)

Victoria Derbyshire, BBC2 - guest "Food Taster" discussing sugar guidelines (30 March 2017)

Sky News - (February 2015) - “Chocolate more addictive than coffee & alcohol?” 


BBC Midlands News (February 2015) - Hersheys vs Cadbury

Sky1 "The Fanatcis" - Contestant

“Savoury Chocolates" Daily Brunch – guest (October 2014)

Guest on Islam TV discussing Chocolate Week (October 2014)


Perfect, Sky Good Food TV Programme, the Chocolate episode, (June 2011) - Jennifer Earle, Chocolate Expert (June 2009)

Willie's Wonky Chocolate Factory (Episode 3, April 2008)

BBC Good Morning (February 2009)

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