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Jennifer Earle

Print Media

Print media features, quotes and articles written on or by Jennifer Earle

Jennifer Earle and Chocolate Ecstasy Tours have been featured in or written articles for the print media below:

Irish Times - The Rise of Food Tourism

Evening Standard - London Goes Cocoa for Chocolatier's New Dishes (October 2017)

The Independent - 6 Easy Steps to Tasting Chocolate Like A Connoisseur (July 2017)

i Weekend (April 2017) - Jennifer Earle, Chocolate Expert

Good Things Magazine (February 2017)

Olive Magazine (February 2017)

delicious. Magazine (December 2017)

Food & Travel Magazine - consultant to Chocolate & Wine Pairing (November 2016)

Good Things Magazine - A Day in The Life (October 2016)

Caffeine Magazine (October 2016)

Telegraph on Sunday (October 2016)

Mayfair Times (September 2016)

Prima Magazine (September 2016)

Woman Magazine (August 2016)

Chocolate - Indulge Your Inner Chocoholic by Dom Ramsey. Featured Professional Chocolate Taster

Things to do in Brighton - Inside Sussex Magazine (March 2015)


Essex (February 2015)


“Top of the Hot Chocs” tasting expert, Jennifer Earle, Daily Mail (December 2014)


Inside Kent (December 2014) – Luxury Gift Guide


Caffeine Magazine (October/November 2014) 


“The sweet taste of success” Jennifer Earle, Daily Mail (October 2014)


My Weekly Magazine (October 2014)


German magazine (Summer 2014)


Norwegian newspaper (Summer 2014)


The Telegraph (August 2014)


“Themed Tours in London” - South American Inflight Magazine (May 2014) 


The Telegraph (January 2014)


The Financial Times Weekend Magazine (30 November 2013)

'30 Christmas Gifts for Foodies' The Daily Telegraph (November 2013)

'5 Unusual Christmas Gifts' The Bristol Post (November 2013)

A review by About London (October 2013)

On the Hot and Chilli Blog (October 2013)

Mayfair Magazine (September 2013)

Australian Traveller Magazine (August 2013)

The Age newspaper (March 2013)

Sydney Morning Herald (March 2013)

"Most Romantic Things to do in London” Concierge Magazine (February 2013)

Asiana Wedding (Spring 2013)

Delicious Magazine(March 2013)

Wedding Ideas Magazine (December 2012)

The Daily Express (October 2012)

Kensington & Chelsea Magazine (October 2012)

The South African (September 2012)

All About You (April 2012)

All About You (April 2012)

Irish Examiner newspaper (April 2012)

Essential Travel magazine (April 2012)

British Airways High Life magazine (February 2012)

"20 foodies to follow on Twitter, The most influential foodies on Twitter", MSN Food (October 2011)

Perfect, Sky Good Food TV Programme, the Chocolate episode, (June 2011)

Mayfair & Chelsea Magazine (April 2011)

Japan Airlines Onboard Magazine (December 2010)

The Irish Times (November 2010)

Food and Travel Magazine (November 2010)

Wall Street Journal Online: Top 10 Culinary Guides (October 2010)

Virgin Trains Hotline Magazine (April 2010)

Delicious Magazine (April 2010)

Food & Travel magazine - (November 2009) - Jennifer Earle, Chocolate Expert (June 2009)

Marie Claire (April 2009)

The Observer - Chocolate, Coffee and Tea (November 2008)

Easy Living Magazine (April 2008)

Tesco Magazine (Spring 2008)

Red Magazine (Feb 2008) (Jan 2008)

Daily Express (December 2007)

TNT Magazine (Nov 2007)

London Lite (October 2007)

London City Paper (October 2007)

Time for One (September 2007)

Cosmopolitan Magazine (October 2006)

The Daily Mail (September 2006)

Weight Watchers magazine

Visit London

...and others.

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