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Jennifer Earle


Jennifer Earle is a regular on national and international radio

Jennifer Earle has appeared on the following radio programmes:

BBC Radio 5 (Saturday 21st July)

BBC Scotland (Friday 20th July 2018)

Talk Radio (Friday 20th July 2018)

BBC Radio 2 Drivetime (23rd November 2017)

BBC Hereford and Worcester (October 2017)

Virgin Radio (15 April 2017)

BBC 5LIVE - Wake Up to Money (14 April 2017)

BBC 5LIVE - guest discussing new sugar guidelines (30 March 2017)

William Sitwell's Biting Talk, Soho Radio Show (11 October 2016)

BBC Regional Radio with Mark Forrest discussing chocolate tours

BBC Radio 5 Live (30 August 2016) - discussing failed Hershey / Mondelez merger

BBC Regional Radio (February 2016) with Mark Forrest discussing Kit Kat trying to patent the 4-finger bar

BBC Radio 2, Chris Evans Breakfast Show (January 2016)  - discussing the perfect hot chocolate

BBC Radio Kent (February 2015) - Chocolate Addiction - Jennifer Earle, Chocolate Expert (June 2009)

Radio 5 Live (Thursday 12th March 2009) - Chocolate Tax

Radio Europe (March 2009)