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Taste Tripper

Jennifer Earle

Taste Tripper

Launched in September 2016, Taste Tripper is a new and delicious way to discover cities and a perfect foodie gift.

"My favourite way to travel is by exploring the food. I make endless lists and reach out to everyone I know to share their experiences. Yet it was still always so overwhelming. As the owner of a food tour company I know that routes can be restricted by opening hours and location proximity. I wanted a way to highlight amazing places and a reason to explore them on my own terms. Finally I had a solution that I thought everyone else would love, too.  I'd start with sharing what I knew, then I'd move on to other areas and share that new knowledge too."

The London Chocolate Explorer Pack and the London Coffee Explorer Pack are both available to order now.

Each pack includes featured location cards arranged for you to exchange for something delicious.  There are also great deals if you choose to spend money there, too. The bright yellow envelope the cards arrive in also includes a map of all of the great places in that food theme, some recipes and some fun tips and facts - about both London and the food you will be discovering.  It's a perfect gift* for anyone who loves food and it's such great value that it's worth buying for yourself, too!

*The yellow envelope arrives in the post in a discreet package!

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